Battle Flags of Minnesota.

1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry - National Flag

Willis A. Gorman

On May 31, 1861, the ladies of Winona Minnesota presented this flag to Company K of the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, who then presented it to the full regiment. It was carried at First Bull Run, July 21, 1861, where it was damaged during the fighting. Afterwards, it was retired from service and sent back to Minnesota.

The Flag of our regiment, riddled with cannon ball, buck-shot and bullets, and shot by the enemy at the Battle of Bull Run… is this day returned to the state…. It affords me the highest satisfaction to testify that it was borne through that greatest of all battles ever fought on this continent, with its fold unfurled in the face of traitors. I beg of you, on behalf of the gallant officers and men, to preserve it as a relic in the history of our state and her soldiers.

Colonel Willis Gorman1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment July 31, 1861