Battle Flags of Minnesota.

8th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Regimental Flag

Organized in the summer of 1862, the 8th Minnesota was immediately engaged in the U.S.-Dakota Wars. They spent two years at frontier outposts and on military expeditions in Minnesota and the Dakota Territory before heading south and aiding in the victory at Murfreesboro (December 1864), where the 3rd Minnesota had been humiliated two years earlier. It eventually joined with Sherman’s army in North Carolina (March 1865). By war’s end, the 8th had covered more territory than any other Minnesota regiment.

The 8th Minnesota assembled at Paynesville Minnesota, and preparing to take part in an expedition against the Dakota, was presented this and its companion national flag in May 1864. Little is left of the original silk flag. Originally a Federal eagle was painted in the center on both sides. That design was repainted on silk crepe line used to protect the fragile silk during the 1960s battle flag restoration project.