Battle Flags of Minnesota.

14th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Regimental Flag

The 3rd Regiment, Minnesota National Guard, became the 14th Minnesota, U.S. Volunteer Infantry, mustering into federal service in May 1898. Sent to Georgia with the 12th Minnesota, the regiment eventually transferred to Camp Poland in Knoxville, Tennessee, and returned to St. Paul in September 1898.

An incident among the Ojibwa at Leech Lake brought a company of the 14th to northern Minnesota where it participated in the Battle of Sugar Point, before mustering out in November.

This flag’s single layer of blue silk has the federal eagle design painted in the center, along with the regiment’s number and state. The connection of the state regiment to the nation as a whole is evident when viewing the thirteen gold stars and thirteen red and white stripes in the eagle’s shield. These elements represent the thirteen original colonies.