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1st Minnesota Regiment National Color - Gettysburg (Civil War)

Since this is the sesquicentennial year of the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the flags featured is the remnant of the 1st Minnesota Infantry flag carried at Gettysburg on July 2nd and 3rd. Only a small fragment remains - a testament to the intensity of the fighting and the casualties the regiment suffered in the battle and its importance to the veterans of the regiment, who cut off pieces as souvenirs.

In addition, the staff that the flag was attached to split in half during Pickett's Charge on July 3rd and was repaired by splicing a captured Confederate flag staff to the bottom half, will be standing next to the flag - the first time in many decades these significant relics from Gettysburg have been displayed together.

2nd Minnesota Veteran Infantry Regiment - Regimental Flag (Civil War)

When most of the men of the regiment re-enlisted after their three-year service term expired, the 2nd Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment was veteranized and carried that honor on its color. In September 1864 this regimental flag was brought from Minnesota by Color Sergeant Jacobus Holder and was carried from Sherman's "March to the Sea" until the end of the Civil War in 1865.

10th Minnesota Infantry Regiment - National Flag (Civil War)

Organized late in the summer of 1862, the 10th Minnesota's service in the south included the battles of Tupelo, Nashville, and in the New Orleans - Mobile - Montgomery Expedition at the end of the war.

The 35 gold-leafed stars of this flag show that it was used during or after 1863 (West Virginia became a state that year). The pattern of the stars marks this flag as being purchased by the state from the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot, a distributor of military good and supplies, including flags.

15th Minnesota Infantry Regiment - Regimental Flag (Spanish-American War)

While training at the State Fair Grounds, the 15th Minnesota was presented this and a national flag by Mary Hill, wife of James J. Hill, on behalf of the St. Paul Commercial Club. The connection of the state regiment to the nation and the original 13 colonies is captured in the federal eagle design and symbolized by the 13 gold stars and 13 red-and-white stripes in the eagle's shield.

Organized shortly after the state's three National Guard regiments were federalized, the 15thh Minnesota, like the 12th and 14th, was destined to stay stateside. Trained in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Georgia before mustering out in March 1899, the 15th, like its counterparts, fought a constant battle with typhoid fever, losing many members to the disease.

While stationed in Georgia, a soldier of the regiment was killed in a barroom dispute. Soldiers from the 15th, wanting to exact justice on the murderer, pushed aside regimental officers and took over the camp's weapons and ammunition shed. The armed group then marched toward the town jail where the murderer was held. Before further violence occurred, the group was rounded up and placed under arrest. Several of the soldiers were charged with mutiny and spent time in prison, and a number of the Fifteenth's officers were held accountable for not stopping the mutiny.

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