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Military artifacts

The Minnesota Historical Society preserves over 1,000 objects relating to the Civil War and the U.S.-Dakota War, all of which can be accessed through the Collections Online database. The collection represents all branches of service, and includes items from non-Minnesota Federal units and Confederate forces. Pieces range from firearms and swords, to uniforms, to personal equipment. Many of the objects are identified to specific individuals or military units.

  • The following artifacts were used during the Civil War by soldiers and others associated with the military

All military artifacts

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Armament - Firearms

US Army Model 1860 Colt revolver
Armament - Edged

US Army officer's non-regulation sword and scabbard

Armament - Accessories

Die stamped copper powder flask


Gum-tree mortar barrel


Musket cap tin and caps

Animal Equipment

US Army cavalry bits

Clothing - Uniforms

US Navy seaman's uniform jacket

Clothing - Accessories

US Army waist belt plate

Clothing - Headgear & Footwear

US Army infantry uniform cap


Civil War hardtack

Flags & Banners

3rd Minnesota national battle flag

*Battle Flags of Minnesota

7th Minnesota regimental battle flag

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Soldier's field medical kit

Military Accoutrements including mess kit items

Soldier's tinned iron canteen

Musical Instruments

1st Minnesota snare drum

Paper items: Documents, Maps, or Currency

Civil War furlough

Personal Items: including Household Equipment and Luggage

    Soldier's sewing kit

    Relics & Curios

    Gettysburg battlefield souvenir

    Confederate Items

    Confederate flag captured by Fourth Minnesota Rgmt

    *The Battle Flags of Minnesota site features in-depth information about each flag, flag conservation and more.