First Battalion Minnesota Infantry

1st Minnesota officer's badge

This nine-company organization was formed in 1864 and 1865 from around 60 reenlisted veterans of the First Minnesota Regiment and new enlistees.

The following manuscript collections are organized by military unit and alphabetized by the last name of the soldier. Each collection title is followed by the soldier's company and regiment number in parentheses, if applicable. Descriptions are brief and may be incomplete. Follow the links below to the Minnesota Historical Society's online catalog and finding aids for full descriptions.

  • Charles I. Clark Letter. (C, 1st)
    Letter of June 12, 1864 from outside Richmond, Virginia.
  • Daniel Bond Reminiscences. (B, 1st)
    Reminiscences based on Corporal Bond’s diaries. 
  • James C. Farwell Letter, November 15, 1864. (A, 1st) 
    Report to the Minnesota Adjutant General on the Battalion’s participation in the October, 1864 Battle of Hatcher’s Run.
  • Thomas H. Kelly Papers, 1865 - 1866. (F, 1st)
    Correspondence and military forms related to Lieutenant Kelly’s service.
  • Thomas H. Pressnell, Incidents in the Civil War. (A & B, 1st) 
    His papers, delivered to Grand Army of the Republic veteran audiences, include material on the Battalion’s service.
  • Arthur D. Caswell and Family Papers, 1855 - 1979. (John Pride, A, 1st)
    Includes Sergeant Major and later Lieutenant Pride’s transcribed 1864 diary covering his capture and imprisonment at Andersonville.
  • Anna Seamans Correspondence, 1864 - 65. (William H. Stacy, A, 1st)
    Includes three hospital letters from Stacy, who transferred from the Sharpshooters in 1865. 

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