Seventh Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

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The Seventh Minnesota Infantry moved south after a year’s service fighting in the U.S.-Dakota War.  It saw hard action at Tupelo (July 1864) and Nashville (December 1864) and took part in the New Orleans-Mobile-Montgomery Expedition (February – April 1865).

The following manuscript collections are organized by military unit and alphabetized by the last name of the soldier. Each collection title is followed by the soldier's company and regiment number in parentheses, if applicable. Descriptions are brief and may be incomplete. Follow the links below to the Minnesota Historical Society's online catalog and finding aids for full descriptions.

  • 7th Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 7th Regiment Morning Reports, 1864 -1865.
    A small collection of morning reports of Company H, written in 1864 and 1865.
  • 7th Minnesota Infantry Regiment, Company K Records, 1862 - 1865.
    Correspondence, orders, muster rolls, reports, and related records.
  • Barrick Family Civil War Materials, Undated, 1861 - 1863, 1998. (Alpheus Barrick, A,  7th)
    Three 1862 and 1863 letters and compiled biographical information on Alpheus and his two sons in the 3rd Minnesota.
  • Felix A. Borer Letter. (K, 7th)
    Lieutenant Borer to his wife from Camp Pope, dated June 7, 1863.
  • Charles Bornarth Papers, 1863, 1865, 1894 - 1898. (H, 7th)
    Diary of Sergeant Bornarth, a German immigrant, with most entries covering the Sibley Expedition. 
  • Theodore G. Carter and Family Papers, 1834 - 1922. (K, 7th)
    Collection includes letters of Lieutenant and later Captain Carter.
  • George C. Clapp and Family Papers, 1858 - 1971. (K, 7th)
    Letters of Corporal and later Sergeant Clapp include descriptions of army life and of the Sibley Expedition.
  • Loren W. Collins and Family Papers, 1862 - 1954. (F, 7th)
    Letters covering the Mankato executions, Sibley Expedition and campaigns in the South.  
  • Hans H. Danielson Diary, 1864. (G, 7th)
    Typed copy of a diary covering service in the South, including his wounding at Nashville.
  • History of Company G, of 7th Minnesota Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, August 12, 1862 - August 16, 1865, [undated]. (John Danielson, G, 7th)
    Transcribed diary and an 1864 letter document Danielson’s service with the Sibley Expedition and late war campaigns and battles in the South.
  • Sibley's Expedition Against the Sioux Indians in 1863 (Alva Dearborn, B, 7th)
    Original and photocopy of a map of the expedition's route, with a table of distances traveled and camp names.
  • Benjamin Densmore and Family Papers, 1797 - 1955. (Daniel Densmore, G, 7th)
    Letters from Lieutenant Densmore to family members detail his  participation in the Sibley Expedition and service as provost marshal at Fort Snelling.
  • Diary of Sibley Expedition, June 16 - August 27, 1863.
    Diary kept by an unidentified soldier in the 7th Minnesota Infantry while on march with the Sibley Expedition. It reviews miles covered daily, geographic features, camp sites, and skirmishes with Dakota Indians.
  • Ralph L. Dorrance Letters, 1864 - 1865, 1867. (A, 7th)
    Eight letters dated from December 1864 to June 1865 cover the Regiment’s experiences in the South, including the Battle of Nashville.
  • Elijah E. Edwards Civil War Journals, 1864 - 1865, 1906, 1910.
    Detailed accounts by Regimental Chaplain Edwards include observations of Southern civilian life, army morals, battles, and reflections on the brutality of war and Reconstruction.  The journals are illustrated by over 100 sketches by the author.
  • Peter Engberg letter, February 8, 1865. (G, 7th)
    Letter describes Engberg's 1865 visit to Cairo and travel on the Mississippi River.
  • Simeon P. Folsom Papers, 1869 - 1903. (H, 7th)
    Short autobiographical sketch of First Sergeant Folsom touches on Wood Lake, the Sibley Expedition and southern battles.
  • W. H. C. Folsom and Family Papers, 1836 – [195-]. (Wyman Folsom, Andrew Colby, C, 7th)
    Collection of over 100 letters of Wyman Folsom and a few from Andrew Colby document life in the Regiment and activities in the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 and in the South.
  • Henry J. Hagadorn Diary, 1863. (H, 7th)
    Typescript January to August 1863 diary.
  • Hamlin Family Papers, 1861 - 1948. (Jacob Hamlin, G, 7th) 
    Letters from 1862 to 1864 include descriptions of missionary activity among Dakota  prisoners and the mass execution at Mankato.  Letters from the South cover relations between white soldiers and black civilians and campaigns of the Regiment.  Additional letters from others in the Regiment describe Hamiln's wounding and death.
  • Joseph M. Hazen Letter, December 28, 1862. (B, 7th)
    Letter of December 28, 1862 describing the mass execution at Mankato.
  • [John R.?] Horner Diary, 1863 - 1864. (A, 7th)
    This 1863/1864 diary covers duty in St. Louis as a guard at Schofield Barracks and campaign service with the Regiment in Mississippi, including the Battle of Iuka.
  • Norman C. Johnson Letter, October 14, 1862. (F, 7th)
    Typescript of letter October 14, 1862.
  • Duren F. Kelley Papers, 1862 - 1912. (A, 7th)
    Letters, journals, and related papers of Corporal Kelley, later discharged for promotion in the U.S. Colored Infantry.  Letters were edited and published by Richard S. Offenberg and Robert R. Parsonage as The War Letters of Duren F. Kelley, 1862-1865.
  • William R. Marshall Papers, 1853 - 1894.
    Collection includes Colonel Marshall’s unpublished journal of the Sibley Expedition and his 1864 diary.  He later served as Governor of Minnesota from 1866 to 1870.
  • Brewer Mattocks and Family Papers, 1830 - 1911, 1945, 2007, 2011. (Ebenezer B. Mattocks).
    Correspondence and diaries of Hospital Orderly, later Assistant Surgeon Ebenezer B. Mattocks.
  • Henry L. Mills and Family Papers, 1851 - 1894. (H, 7th)
    Reminiscences of Corporal, later Sergeant Mills, a German immigrant. 
  • Thomas Montgomery and family papers, undated, 1847 - 2011. (K, 7th)
    About 149 detailed letters written by Corporal Montgomery, later Captain of Company B, 67th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry, describe the Sibley Expedition, the treatment of  Indian prisoners and lives of African American soldiers.
  • Benjamin Densmore and Family Papers, 1797 - 1955. (William Philleo, G,  7th)
    Collection includes a diary kept by Philleo on the 1863 Sibley Expedition. 
  • James T. Ramer Diary and Letter, August 14, 1862 - September 5, 1863, August 16, 1865.  (B, 7th)
    Diary of Corporal, later Sergeant James Ramer concerns the Regiment’s service in the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862, the Battle of Wood Lake and the Sibley Expedition.
  • Thomas Scantlebury and Family Papers, 1853 - 1951. (H, 7th)
    Copies of a few military papers supplemented with a detailed day-by-day contemporary manuscript narrative titled “Wanderings in Minnesota during the Sioux Troubles in that State in the Autumn of 1862, By a Minnesotan” and covering August 14, 1862 until early January 1863.
  • Ransom Walter Diary, 1862 - 1865. (E, 7th)
    Diary covering the fall of 1862 until August 1865 including the Sibley Expedition. 
  • Amos B. Watson, Reminiscences of the Sioux Outbreak, undated. (B, 7th)
    Typescript briefly details service in several U.S-Dakota War of 1862 engagements.


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