Ninth Regiment, Minnesota Volunteer Infantry

US Army officer's non-regulation saddle case

The Ninth Minnesota Infantry fought in the U.S.-Dakota Wars in Minnesota and Dakota Territory and was stationed at frontier posts in southern Minnesota.  Reassigned to the South in 1863, the Ninth was the last to leave the field at the Battle of Brice’s Crossroads in June 1864.  The regiment also saw action at Tupelo (July 1864), Nashville (December 1864), and participated in the New Orleans-Mobile-Montgomery Expedition (February – April 1865).

The following manuscript collections are organized by military unit and alphabetized by the last name of the soldier. Each collection title is followed by the soldier's name, company and regiment number in parentheses, if applicable. Descriptions are brief and may be incomplete. Follow the links below to the Minnesota Historical Society's online catalog and finding aids for full descriptions.

  • U.S. War Dept. Adjutant Generals Office, 9th Minnesota Infantry Regimental Letter and Order Book, 1862 - 1864.
    Microfilm copy of Regimental letters and orders, most dealing with logistics and personnel matters.
  • 9th Minnesota Infantry Regiment, Company D, Membership Roster, undated.
    A commemorative roster of all the members of this company. It details names of officers and enlisted men and provides some biographical information.
  • 9th Minnesota Infantry Regiment Papers, Company I, 1862 - 1865. (I, 9th) Muster rolls and enlistment records of the company. 
  • John Felix Aiton and Family Papers, 1835 - 1898. (D, 9th)
    Letters to his wife Mary describe activities with the Regiment and later as a hospital  attendant in Memphis.  Letters from home concern family life and economic conditions in Minnesota.
  • Pehr (Peter) Carlson and Family Papers, 1862 - 1904. (H, 9th)
    Letters and diary in Swedish of immigrant Carlson.  The diary covers January to August  1865 and includes a typescript translation.
  • Letters of A. P. Davies, 1864, 1865.  (E, 9th)
    Three 1864 and 1865 letters from Corporal Davies to his wife.
  • William Doyle letter, 1864 March 16. (B, 9th)
    Letter from Doyle to his wife in Watertown, Carver County, Minnesota.
  • Charles H. Steffens and Family Papers, 1800 – 1948. (David Felch, C, 9th)
    Around 50 weekly letters to Felch’s father. They cover service in the U.S.-Dakota War, in garrison at  Fort Ridgely and campaigning in the south.  Details include combat of African American soldiers. 
  • Biographical Data on Moses Greenleaf, 1862 - 1865. (I, 9th)
    Eight letters from October 1862 - June 1863 from Commissary Sergeant Greenleaf.
  • Harrington and Merrill Family Papers, 1732 - 1963. (Frank M. Harrington  Letters, B, 9th)
    Collection includes 1863 letters from posts in Minnesota, posts in Missouri, and 1864 letters from the south.
  • Joseph E. Harvey Letter, 1864 May 31. (K, 9th)
    Letter briefly describes military posts along the Mississippi River.
  • Henry N. Herrick and Family Papers, 1851 - 1956. (George, B, 9th)
    Collection includes correspondence to George's brother Henry, the Regimental chaplain.
  • Chauncey J. Hill and Family Papers, 1862 - 1944. (K, 9th)
    Letters to wife Sarah written March to June 1864 prior to his capture and death in  Andersonville Prison.
  • Alexander G. Huggins and Family Papers, 1833 - 1976. (John Kerlinger, I, 9th)
    Biographical information on Corporal, then Sergeant, Kerlinger’s service in the U.S.-Dakota War, as well as his capture and imprisonment at Andersonville.
  • Aaron Hervey Kerr Papers, 1864 - 1889.
    Includes transcription of Chaplain Kerr’s diary.
  • W. K. Latimer Letter, 1864 Nov. 14. (D, 9th) 
    Letter written to Latimer's family from Andersonville Prison prior to his January 1865 death there.
  • William R. Lovell Reminiscence, 1937, 1945. (B, 9th)
    Handwritten reminiscence detailing his service from enlistment (August 1862) through discharge (August 1865), including the U.S.-Dakota War and Civil War duty in the South, particularly several months as a prisoner in Andersonville
  • John W. Murray Diaries, 1855 - 1873. (B, 9th and Hospital Steward, USA)
    Includes a diary kept while working as a hospital steward in Rolla, Missouri 1864 and 1865.
  • S. Nasmith, Miscellaneous Dakota Conflict Information. (Richard Strout, B, 9th)
    October 23, 1862 letter from Captain Strout concerning his company.
  • Ole Paulson, General Sibley's Expedition, 1907. (B, 9th)
    Typescript translation from the Norwegian of Captain Paulson’s experiences on the 1863 Sibley Expedition.
  • James A. Shotwell Letter, 1898 Jan. 15. (G, 9th)
    An 1898 letter to his son describes the 1862 relief march from Sauk Center to Fort Abercrombie.
  • Diary and Miscellaneous Letters and Papers, 1862 - 1908. (James N.  Woodbury, C, 9th)
    Most of Woodbury’s letters to his wife are from campaigns in Missouri. After Woodbury’s death in Andersonville Prison, Nathan Palmeter of the same company continued entries in his diary 

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