MHS Collections Online : About

Collections Online is a searchable database of the Minnesota Historical Society's collections. A few things to note about this database:

  • Collections Online includes records for three-dimensional objects, photographs, art, maps, some manuscripts, and the KSTP-TV Archive. There are also records for some of the Society's oral history collections.
  • The Collections Online database contains records for only a small fraction of the Society's collections. As of February 2012, the database represents about 10% of the Society's three-dimensional objects, less than 1% of archaeological artifacts, and less than 1% of the news film in the KSTP-TV Archive. Additional records are continually added.
  • Collections Online does not include records for the vast majority of the Society's library and archival collections. Please go to the Society's Library Collections catalog to search for those materials.
  • While every effort has been made to ensure that information in the Collections Online database is accurate, information on this website must not be regarded as definitive or published. Information provided is dynamic and will be continually updated. Please use the WOTR (write on the record) feature for any comments.
  • Information, images, audio, and videos in Collections Online are for research and personal use only. If an image from Collections Online is to be used for a school paper or project where only a single copy will be produced, you may copy the image from the website and use it without charge, but please use the following credit line: Courtesy, Minnesota Historical Society, [ID Number]. For all other uses, please refer to the Society's Conditions of Use.
  • Records for three-dimensional objects and archaeological artifacts include digital images, and records for film clips from the KSTP-TV Archive include links to digital video when available.
  • Three-dimensional (3D) models are available in Collections Online for some objects. The 3D models are 3D pdf documents, and they are best viewed in browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer. Adobe Reader version 9.0 or above is required to view and interact with 3D pdf documents. Browser default pdf reader plugins, which are not Adobe Reader, are not compatible with 3D pdf documents.
  • Images and videos that are available for purchase include a shopping cart link on the results list and item detail pages. Items not available for purchase do NOT include a shopping cart link.
  • Researchers interested in viewing any of the Society's three-dimensional objects or archaeological artifacts in person should refer to our Request for Access to Artifact Collection.