Tea service

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Description White china tea service with gilt decoration reported to be in the Marie Antoinette pattern. The set belonged to Mary Shumway Heywood Chase, who married George L. Chase in Buffalo, New York, in 1864. The couple later moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota, where Mr. Chase served as the Episcopal minister. The set includes: one teapot with cover (.1.A,B), one sugar bowl with cover (.2.A,B), one cream pitcher (.3), one bowl (.4), two bread plates (.5 and .6), four tea plates (.7 - .10), four sauce dishes (.11 - .14), and four teacups with saucers (.15.A,B - 18.A,B).
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 8 1/2 inches height (7567.65.1.A,B, teapot)
7 1/2 inches width (7567.65.1.A,B, teapot)
5 1/2 inches depth (7567.65.1.A,B, teapot)
7 1/4 inches height (7567.65.2.A,B, sugarbowl)
6 1/2 inches width (7567.65.2.A,B, sugarbowl)
6 inches depth (7567.65.2.A,B, sugarbowl)
4 1/2 inches height (7567.65.3, creamer)
5 inches width (7567.65.3, creamer)
4 inches depth (7567.65.3, creamer)
2 7/8 inches height (7567.65.4, bowl)
6 1/4 inches diameter (7567.65.4, bowl)
1 3/8 inches height (7567.65.5,6, serving plates, each)
10 1/2 inches diameter (7567.65.5,6, serving plates, each)
1 inch height (7567.65.7-10, plates, each)
7 1/4 inches diameter (7567.65.7-10, plates, each)
1 1/8 inches height (7567.65.11-14, bowls, each)
5 1/8 inches diameter (7567.65.11-14, bowls, each)
2 1/4 inches height (7567.65.15.A-18.A, teacups, each)
4 3/8 inches width (7567.65.15.A-18.A, teacups, each)
3 1/4 inches depth Teacup (.15.A - .18.A)
1 inch height (7567.65.15.B-18.B, saucers, each)
5 3/8 inches diameter (7567.65.15.B-18.B, saucers, each)
Nomenclature Tea service
Subjects Owned/used by: Chase, Mary Shumway Heywood
Marie Antoinette pattern
Used in Buffalo, Erie County, New York, United States
Used in St. Cloud, Benton, Minnesota, United States
Household. Tableware. Serving Pieces. Coffee & Tea Pots
Dates Use: Not earlier than 1864
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 7567.65.1-18

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