1st Minnesota officer's "Physician's Pocket Companion"

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Titles 1st Minnesota officer's "Physician's Pocket Companion"
Description Rectangular brown leather medicine case used by Javan B. Irvine during the Civil War. Irvine enlisted with the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment on April 29, 1861, and fought in the First Battle of Bull Run. Irvine was commissioned as a First Lieutenant in the Thirteenth United States Infantry later in 1861. The case is stamped "X. Bazin & Co's, / Patent / Physician's Pocket Companion". Xavier Bazin operated a perfumery Philadelphia that produced soaps, cosmetics and extracts, among other things. This case contains twenty-one glass bottles with corks. The bottles appear to contain homeopathic medicines, as some vials are labeled using common homeopathic notations. The bottles are marked as follows: "13. CINA. 3X, 14. COFFEA., 16. CUPRUM MET., 18. DULCAMARA. 37, 23. IPECACUANHA. 1X, 38. SULPHUR. 3X, ACONITUM NAP. 34, ARNICA TINCT. 0, BRYONIA ALBA. 3X, CACTUS GRAND., CHAMOMILLA. 1X, CHINA OFF 1X, DROSERA ROTUND 3X, HELLEBO NIG., IGNATIA, NUX VOMICA. 3X, PHOSPHORUS 3X, RHUS TOXICOD."
Quantity 37 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 9 centimeters height
18 centimeters width
4 centimeters depth
Nomenclature case (container)
medicine bottle
apothecary bottle
Materials leather
cork (bark)
Creation Made by: X. Bazin & Co.
Made in: Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States
Subjects Owned/used by: Irvine, Javan Bradley
Used by: United States, Army, Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1864)
Used in: United States
Used in: Minnesota, United States
Used during: Civil War
Military. 1861-1865 (Civil & Indian Wars). Equipment & Supplies
Medicine. Medical Equipment & Supplies. Bags & Cases
Dates Creation: Approximately 1860
Use: Not earlier than 1861 - Not later than 1865
Notes In alphabetical order, the drugs contained in this case have general uses in homeopathy as follows: ACONITUM NAP is used for colds and fevers, ARNICA TINCT used as an ointment used for strains, sprains, and bruises and has anti-inflammatory properties, BRYONIA ALBA is used for gout and rheumatism, CACTUS GRAND is used for heart ailments, heart disease, and chest pain, CHAMOMILLA is a calming agent and used for mild pain, CHINA OFF is a tonic used for hemorrhaging and other loss of fluids, CINA was used for intestinal worms, COFFEA is a stimulant, CUPRUM MET is used for spasms, cramps, and convulsions, DROSERA ROTUND was the principal remedy for whooping cough, DULCAMARA was used for colds, diarrhea, and excess mucus, HELLEBO NIG (references to this medicine could not be found), IGNATIA was used for grief and depression, IPECACUANHA is an emetic (causes vomiting), NUX VOMICA was a digestive remedy that helped with nausea, sour burping, bloating after eating, indigestion, heartburn and digestion after effects after eating rich foods, spicy foods, or overeating, PHOSPHORUS was a respiratory remedy, for deep coughs and bronchitis, first aid treatment for clotting blood from dental surgeries, minor hemorrhages, nosebleeds, and etc, RHUS TOXICOD was a pain remedy and used for body aches and arthritis, SULPHUR was used for skin problems, eczema, and acne.

Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 9487.2 (Accession Number)

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