Dakota ladyslipper applique quilt

Titles Dakota ladyslipper applique quilt
Description Applique quilt made by women of the Wahpeton Tribe of Dakota Indians through TRACT (Dakotah) Hand-crafts, Inc., Webster, South Dakota. The quilt was presented to Mrs. Wendell R. Anderson, the governor's wife, in March 1972, by the Dayton Company on the behalf of the state of Minnesota. The double-bed size quilt has appliqued fabric designs on one side and hand quilting throughout. The quilt has a white ground on the top side and is backed and edged on all four sides with vivid red fabric [all colors are National Bureau of Standards]. The same red fabric is used for: pointed tear drop shapes that form a border on three sides, motifs in two rectangular areas near the top end, and three rows of shapes that encompass the central motif. The two rectangular areas, placed to accent two pillows near the head of the bed, are each swags enclosing four abstract lady slipper motifs. Two rows of swags and one row of tear drop shapes and lady slipper motifs form a rectangle that encompasses a large central motif. The motif is two overlapping white lady slippers, (Minnesota's state flower), with strong yellowish green, brilliant yellowish green, and grayed olive green leaves. The centers of the blossoms are accented by vivid red and vivid purplish pink fabric and brilliant yellow applied with a brush. The entire motif has been highlighted with brush strokes in various tints and shades to give it a three-dimensional quality. All appliqued designs have been applied with a machine zig-zag stitch. Hand quilting in white is done in a diamond pattern within the central rectangle, in two rows of scallops done between the center and the border motifs, and outlining all shapes. "VEBLEN, S.D." is embroidered on the bottom edge on the back. All fabric is smooth, plain weave, polyester/cotton (65/35%) and fiber batting is resin treated Dacron polyester, according to an attached tag.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 271 centimeters length
236 centimeters width
Nomenclature quilt
Materials polyester/cotton
polyester batting
Creation Made by: Wahpeton Sioux Tribe Women, flag
Made by: Wahpeton Indians.
Made in: Webster, Day County, South Dakota, United States
Subjects Received by: Anderson, Mary Christine McKee
Dayton Company
Used in: Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States
Used in: Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States
Dakota Indians
Household. Linens. Bedding. Quilts
Dates Creation: Approximately 1972
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 1987.218.1 (Accession Number)

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