Beaded knife sheath
69.54.11, front
69.54.11, back

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Description Leather Plains knife sheath, possibly Lakota or Cheyenne in origin, collected by Colonel John G. Clark of the 50th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Fort Rice in Dakota Territory during the US-Dakota War. The sheath has a buffalo hide backing and twisted leather fringes wrapped with quill along the edges. The cuff and curved edge of the sheath have a beaded diamond pattern. A wood toggle is attached for fastening to a belt.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 9 1/2 inches length
2 3/4 inches width
Nomenclature Sheath (case)
Creation Made by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Made by (possibly) Cheyenne Indians
Subjects Collected by: Clark, Colonel John Garvin
Collected in Fort Rice, Morton County, North Dakota, United States
Made by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Made by (possibly) Cheyenne Indians
Used by Lakota Indians
Fort Rice, Dakota Territory
Lakota Indians
U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
Indian. Armaments. Accessories
Dates Discovery: Not earlier than 04/1865 - Not later than 06/1866
(50th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment dates of service)
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 69.54.11

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