28th Virginia battle flag

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Titles 28th Virginia battle flag
Description The Army of Northern Virginia Confederate battle flag of the 28th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The flag was captured by Private Marshall Sherman of Saint Paul, Minnesota, while serving with the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C, during Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. Private Sherman was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his gallantry at Gettysburg.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 44.5 inches height
48 inches width
Nomenclature flag
Materials wool
Subjects Captured by: United States, Army, Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1864), Company C
Captured by: Sherman, Private Marshall
Used by: Confederate States of America, Army, Virginia Infantry Regiment, 28th
United States, Army, Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1864)
Used in: Civil War, 1861-1865
Used in: Gettysburg, Battle of
Used in: Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania, United States
Used in: Minnesota, United States
Used in: Virginia, United States
Flags & Banners. War Related. Civil War Era
Military. 1861-1865 (Civil & Indian Wars). Equipment & Supplies
Dates Use: Exactly 1862 (Captured at Battle of Gettysburg, July 3rd.)
Use: Not earlier than 1861 - Not later than 1865 (Civil War)
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 6421 (Accession Number)

User Comments

  • Robert Hinckley on September 13, 2011 08:43:55 PM
    The story of this flag is one of the greatest in all of Civil War history. I think the Minnesota Historical Society needs to put in on display for the 150th Anniversary Celebration. They could also include an educational spot on the 1st Minnesota Regiment and their critical contribution to the Battle of Gettysburg. I would like to help if possible. You may contact me 218.234.0025. Thanks!
  • Carter O'Brien on February 9, 2012 01:54:28 PM
    My great-grandfather Henry D. O'Brien also was in the 1st Minnesota, there is a great account of the battle here: http://www.1stminnesota.net/SearchResults.php3?ID=0710
  • Daniel B. Sweeney on June 10, 2017 09:51:34 AM
    My great-great grandfather, Anderson Mays, was conscripted into the 28th Virginia Voluntary Infantry, Pickett's division, on July 1, 1863, shipped by train from Amherst County Lynchburg Virginia to Gettysburg for the battle on July 3rd, was still in his farmer's clothes when killed in Pickett's Charge July 3, 1863. He may have been carrying this flag when he died.

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