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Description An outfit of everyday clothing worn by Joe Campbell, an anti-nuclear activist from the Prairie Island Indian Community of Mdewakanton Dakota, circa the late 20th century. The outfit consists of a denim shirt (purchased at Kaplan Brothers Inc. with beading by Richard Mason of Red Lake), vest (made by Patty Beaulieu of Leech Lake), mended jeans (probably purchased at Kaplan Brothers), bandana scarf (gift of Wilbur Sloskis of Oregon), cotton hat, two commemorative ribbon pins (one received when Campbell attended the funeral of Walter Bresette, February 1999), and a pack of "WALT'S / SHOE SERVICE / RED WING SHOES" matches. This was Campbell's "uniform," worn on most public or official occasions. All the pieces were made for or given to Campbell and have special significance. Because they were gifts to him, he needed to ask permission of the givers in order to donate the items. See also Campbell's Red Wing boots and box (2009.140.2-A-C).
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 33 inches height A) shirt
38 inches width A) shirt
25 inches height B) vest
26 inches width B) vest
40 1/2 inches height C) jeans
23 inches width C) jeans
8 inches diameter D) bandana scarf
22 inches circumference D) bandana scarf
4 inches height E) hat
11 1/4 inches diameter E) hat
5 3/4 inches length pin attached to hat (E)
4 1/2 inches length F) pin attached to vest (B)
2 1/4 inches height G) pack of matches
1 1/2 inches width G) pack of matches
Nomenclature Outfit
Creation Made by: Beaulieu, Patty
Made by: Mason, Richard
Made by: McCloud, Sylvia
Made by Ojibwe Indians
Subjects Owned/used by: Campbell, Joe
Given by: Fontenot, Willie
Used by: Prairie Island Indian Community in the State of Minnesota
Retailed by: Kaplan Brothers Incorporated
Bresette, Walter
Subject: Mississippi River Basin Alliance
Made by Ojibwe Indians
Used by Mdewakanton Indians
Dakota Indians
Indian. Clothing. Outerwear
Clothing. Men's Shirts
Clothing. Men's Pants
Clothing. Men's Vests
Clothing. Men's Accessories. Ties & Scarves
Clothing. Men's Hats & Headgear
Dates Use: Not later than 1999
date donated
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 2009.140.1.A-G

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