Kibbeh grinding set

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Titles Kibbeh grinding set
Description Lebanese mortar and pestle with cover, for use pounding meat to make kibbeh. Kibbeh is a dish combining ground raw lamb with cracked wheat, onion, mint, basil, cumin seed, cinnamon, salt and olive oil. The family of Barjout Mike brought the grinding set to Minnesota from Lebanon in 1922. The mortar (A) is made from a square block of marble. Also included are the wooden pestle-style grinder (B) and red enameled metal cover (C). Donated in 1975 in memory of Bersute Schletty's husband Christopher Schletty.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 8 1/2 inches height (75.124.A, mortar)
12 1/2 inches width (75.124.A, mortar)
12 1/2 inches depth (75.124.A, mortar)
12 inches length (75.124.B, pestle)
4 1/2 inches diameter (75.124.B, pestle)
12 1/2 inches width (75.124.C, cover)
12 1/2 inches height (75.124.C, cover)
1 1/4 inches depth (75.124.C, cover)
Nomenclature mortar (grinding tool)
cover (overlying object)
Materials marble (rock)
wood (plant material)
Creation Made in: Lebanon
Subjects Used by: Schletty, Bersute (Barjout Mike)
Used in: Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States
Emigration and immigration
Household. Kitchen Utensils. Pressing, Mashing, & Pounding
Dates Use: 1922 (Year object was brought to United States from Lebanon)
Credit Line Minnesota Historical Society Collections
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 75.124.A-C (Accession Number)

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