Tiddle Tac Toe board game

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Titles Tiddle Tac Toe board game
Description "Tiddle Tac Toe" game. Cardboard box (A,B) with the playing board (C), two small pieces of green felt (D,E), and 21 small colored plastic disks (F-Z). Circa 1950-70.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 9 1/2 inches length (2010.23.4.A,B, box)
9 1/2 inches width (2010.23.4.A,B, box)
1 1/2 inches depth (2010.23.4.A,B, box)
9 inches length (2010.23.4.C, gameboard)
9 inches width (2010.23.4.C, gameboard)
1 inch depth (2010.23.4.C, gameboard)
Nomenclature board game (game set)
toy (recreational artifact)
Materials paper (fiber product)
plastic (material)
felt (textile)
Subjects Used in: Minnesota, United States
Children and adolescents
Toys & Dolls. Miscellaneous
Dates Creation: Not earlier than 1950 - Not later than 1960
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 2010.23.4.A-Z (Accession Number)

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