US Army corporal's uniform coat

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Description United States Army infantry corporal's single-breasted wool flannel sack coat. The coat was worn during the Spanish American War by Alfred G. Ericksen, Sr., of the Fourteenth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company E. The coat has a pointed round collar and two inside pockets. Each sleeve has a corporal's chevron and gilded brass Minnesota State Seal buttons (four are missing).
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 70 centimeters length
43 centimeters width (shoulder)
Nomenclature Military uniform
Coat (garment)
Creation Issued by: United States, Army
Subjects Owned/used by: Ericksen, Alfred G. Sr.
Used in Spanish-American War, 1898
Georgia, United States
Spanish-American War, 1898--Equipment and supplies.
Military. 1898-1899 (Spanish American War & Leech Lake Uprising). Clothing. Uniforms
Dates Use: 05/08/1898 - 11/18/1898
(Alfred G. Ericksen's military service dates.)
Content: 1898 - 1899
(Spanish American War)
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 63.55.2.A

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