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Northern Plains beaded leather and wool legging
Description Legging made of chamois with a front panel beaded in a floral pattern and bordered with fringed chamois. Reportedly given to the donor's grandfather in Sioux City, Iowa, by members of the Dakota tribe. While this object may certainly have been colelcted among the Dakota, its aesthetic strongly indicates its southern Cree origins.
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Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 5 1/2 inches diameter
14 inches height (when standing upright)
Nomenclature Legging
Creation Made by (possibly) Dakota Indians
Made by (possibly) Ojibwe Indians
Subjects Collected by: Charles, John H.
Made by (possibly) Dakota Indians
Made by (possibly) Ojibwe Indians
Indian. Clothing. Outerwear. Pants & Leggings
Dates Discovery: Not earlier than 1856
Holding Type 3D Objects
ID Number 2400