Bust of Abraham Lincoln

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Description Plaster bust of Abraham Lincoln with an imitation bronze patina. A round pedestal base supports a casting of Lincoln's head, shoulders and chest. A patent for the bust was issued on June13, 1865 to designer J.A. Bailly.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 10 1/2 inches height
6 1/2 inches width
5 inches depth
Nomenclature Bust (figure)
Creation Patented by: Bailey, J. A.
Made in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States
Subjects Lincoln, Abraham
Made in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States
Used in United States
Politics and government
Arts & Crafts. Sculptures, Plaques & Casts
Dates Creation: Exactly 1865
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 8606

User Comments

  • Robert A Van Deusen on October 27, 2015 09:10:27 PM

    Could you tell me what this lincoln head is worth? I have one just like it,

  • Photo and Art Database Admin on October 28, 2015 08:21:08 AM

    MNHS does not assign monetary value to its collections at an item level unless it is necessary for insurance purposes. We suggest you contact a local appraiser for more information. The following organizations can provide a referral: American Society of Appraisers; Appraisers Association of America; International Society of Appraisers; Minnesota Antiques Dealers Association;

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