Ojibwe moccasin game drum
Description This round drum is made of a wood hoop covered with rawhide on all sides. The hide is sewn together on the side using rawhide strips; the sewing extends about halfway around circumference. The hide is torn in one large section along the edge. Both drum faces are painted with the same pattern: a red circular outer band, a red and yellow band of dots, an orange band of dots and a small central yellow circle enclosing a red circle and a red dot. A white cotton string loop is tied to the rawhide stitching. Two strings stretch across the drum diameter on the interior. The drum was used as part of the moccasin game. This drum is Ojibwe in origin.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 1 31/32 inches height
19 1/4 inches diameter
Nomenclature Drum (membranophone)
Creation Made by Ojibwe Indians
Subjects Collected by: Ayer, Harry Darius
Collected by: Ayer, Jeannette Ora Foster
Made by Ojibwe Indians
Indian. Music
Indian. Recreation. Games. Traditional
Dates Creation: Not earlier than 1850 - Not later than 1961

Notes Forms part of Jeannette O. and Harry D. Ayer Ojibwe Collection.
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 10000.66

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