Plains Ghost Dance shirt
Description A Plains, possibly Lakota, man’s Ghost Dance shirt, circa 1880-1890. It is composed of heavily soiled cotton fabric with fringes at the shoulder, along the arm, and at the sleeve, and still present on one side of the v-neck opening for the head. The shirt has remnant ornamentation in the form of red pigment stripes at the elbow and wrist, and red and blue pigment in a U-shape at the yoke on the front. Hanging from this area is an ornament composed of three strips of leather painted red, yellow and blue respectively, each of which appear to have tiny red and blue porcupine quilled crosses and wrapped vestigial eagle feather fluffs at the ends. The remains of four large eagle feathers hang from each arm, the right shoulder, and the right V-neck flap. The three leather ornaments found at the front of the shirt are repeated on the back.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 35 1/4 inches length (center back)
29 5/16 inches width (shoulder)
Nomenclature Shirt
Creation Made by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Made by Plains Indians
Subjects Source: Ayer, Jeannette Ora Foster
Made by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Made by Plains Indians
Used by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Indian. Clothing. Outerwear. Shirts
Dates Creation: Not earlier than 1880 - Not later than 1890
(The Second Ghost Dance ended with the Massacre at Wounded Knee, 12/29/1890.)
Notes Forms part of Jeannette O. and Harry D. Ayer Ojibwe Collection.
Restrictions Through curatorial review and/or additional consultation with American Indian elders, spiritual leaders, tribal officers or lineal descendants, this item has been determined to be culturally sensitive. As advised by the Minnesota Historical Society Indian Advisory Committee on April 20, 2012, the Minnesota Historical Society will not display images of culturally sensitive items on the public database.
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 10000.633

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