Ojibwe dance shirt

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Description Ojibwe black velvet dance shirt was probably made for Kay-zhe-baush-kung (Otto Bismark) of Walker, Minnesota. It features both Ojibwe-style and Dakota-style beadwork lazy-stitched in two bands that extend from the front of the shirt over each shoulder and down the back. Either sleeve has a similar band extending the length of the sleeve to the cuff. The cuffs are spot-stitched with a multi-color floral pattern on a white background and fringed with leather thongs that are covered with white beads. Each thong terminates in a metal cone. Either side of the front slit neckline and center back has an applique of black velvet spot-stitched with floral beadwork. All beadwork bands are outlined with flat metal disks, each sewn with a blue or red bead at the center. Satin ribbon in very deep purple, very deep red or deep blue binds the edges of each band. See also dance items 1984.156 and 1984.157. The shirt was purchased by Neal Barnard at the Leech Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota, 1920.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 27 7/8 inches height Taken from top of collar/neck to bottom center hem of shirt
15 1/2 inches width At shoulders, arms folded into shirt
62 3/8 inches width Arms outstretched
Nomenclature Shirt (main garment)
Creation Made by: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe
Made in Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota, United States
Subjects Collected by: Barnard, Neal
Used by: Kezhebaushkung
Made in Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota, United States
Used in Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota, United States
Used in Walker, Cass County, Minnesota, United States
Ojibwe dance
Ojibwe Indians--Costume
Festivals and celebrations
Ojibwe Indians--Beadwork
Indian. Clothing. Outerwear. Shirts
Dates Creation: Not later than 1920

Credit Line Minnesota Historical Society Collections, Bush Foundation Fund Purchase
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 1984.156.2

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