Glutinous rice cake tub

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Titles Glutinous rice cake tub
Description Glutinous rice cake tub made by Xiong Pao Yang, a resident of the Mcdonough housing projects in St. Paul, in 1984. The tub was was used by his relatives in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area until 1995. The making of glutinous rice cakes is a communal event for Hmong families in which multiple relatives gather together in a single place.
Quantity 1 set items
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 52 1/2 inches length (1999.375.1.A, tub)
17 inches width (1999.375.1.A, tub)
10 1/2 inches depth (1999.375.1.A, tub)
29 inches length (1999.375.1.B,C, hammers, each)
20 1/2 inches width (1999.375.1.B,C, hammers, each)
3 inches depth (1999.375.1.B,C, hammers, each)
Nomenclature mixing bowl
Materials wood (plant material)
Creation Made by: Yang, Xiong Pao
Made in: Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States
Made by: Hmong (Asian people)
Subjects Household. Kitchen Utensils. Grinding
Dates Use: 1985 - 1995
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 1999.375.1.A-C (Accession Number)

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