Ho Chunk moccasin game

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Titles Ho Chunk moccasin game
Description Moccasin game made by Daniel White Eagle, Ho Chunk, circa 1971. Consists of (.A) a drum, (.B) drum beater, (.C - .F) cloth pieces, (.G) shooter, (.H) pouch, (.I) marble, and (.J -.KK) wooden sticks. It was a popular game played by men.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 4 1/8 inches height (2012.31.5.A., drum)
13 inches diameter (2012.31.5.A., drum)
16 3/8 inches length (2012.31.5.B, drum beater)
1 1/2 inches width (2012.31.5.B, drum beater at widest)
11 3/4 inches length (2012.31.5.C-F, cloth pieces)
9 inches width (2012.31.5.C-F, cloth pieces)
31 3/8 inches length (2012.31.5.G, shooter)
3/4 inch width (2012.31.5.G, shooter at widest)
8 inches length (2012.31.5.H, pouch)
6 1/2 inches width (2012.31.5.H, pouch)
1/2 inch diameter (2012.31.5.I, marble)
11 inches length (2012.31.5.J-M, four longer sticks)
7 3/8 inches length (2012.31.5.N-KK, 24 shorter sticks)
Nomenclature game piece (game element)
Materials leather
string (fiber product)
felt (textile)
fur (hair material)
wood (plant material)
plastic (material)
Creation Made by: White Eagle, Daniel
Made by: Ho-Chunk Indians
Subjects Indian. Recreation. Games. Traditional
Dates Creation: Approximately 1971
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 2012.31.5.A-KK (Accession Number)

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