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Dakota spelling cards
Description Seventy-seven (77) white cardstock spelling cards inscribed with words and phrases from the Dakota language. The cards are from the Santee Agency in Minnesota and were used as flash cards for educational purposes in the 1960s.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 3 inches height each card
11 inches width 5 of 77 cards
10 inches width 72 of 77 cards
10 inches length single card
3 inches width single card
Nomenclature Card (information artifact)
Subjects Used by: Santee Agency
Used by Santee Dakota
Used in Minnesota, United States
Dakota Indians
Education. School Equipment & Supplies
Dates Use: Approximately 1960 - Approximately 1969

Credit Line Minnesota Historical Society Collections
Holding Type 3D Objects
ID Number 72.34