Dakota hunter's bag and components

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Description Dakota hunter's bag with flap-and-tie closure containing a powder horn, measure and vent pick, all mounted on a leather shoulder strap. The bag (A) is of hand-sewn leather and made from a saddle or other object. The powder horn (B) is of the common form and has a turned spout with a leather stopper and a flat wood disc in the wide end secured with copper nails. The powder horn is suspended on leather thongs. The measure (C) is the tip portion of another horn and has a projection on one side of the lip to facilitate pouring; it is attached with a brass chain. The vent pick (D) is a piece of nickel-plated iron wire attached to the strap with a short piece of iron chain. Made by George Crow and used by Joshua Crow.
Quantity 4 items
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 12 1/2 inches length (74.33.3.A: horn)
3 1/4 inches diameter (74.33.3.A: horn)
6 1/2 inches height (74.33.3.B: bag)
8 inches width (74.33.3.B: bag)
1 inch depth (74.33.3.B: bag)
3 1/2 inches length (74.33.3.C: measure)
1 inch diameter (74.33.3.C: measure)
2 inches length ((74.33.3.D: wire)
Nomenclature Bag (generic container)
Creation Made by: Crow, George
Made by Dakota Indians
Subjects Owned/used by: Crow, Joshua
Made by Dakota Indians
Dakota Indians--Hunting
Armament. Accessories
Armament. Tools & Equipment. Bludgeons
Dates Creation: Approximately 1885
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 74.33.3.A-D

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