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Currency from Glens Falls, New York
Description Two pieces of paper currency issued by the Corporation of the Village of Glens Falls, New York. Denominations of five (5) cents. They read, in part, "THE CORPORATION / OF THE / VILLAGE OF GLENS FALLS. / Will pay the bearer / FIVE CENTS / On demand in current Bank Bills when presented in sums of Five Dollars at the Treasurers Office". All bills are undersigned by the village treasurer and president.
Quantity 2 items
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 4 7/8 inches width 5066.1-2
2 7/16 inches height 5066.1
2 3/8 inches height 5066.2
Nomenclature Paper money
Creation Printed in Albany, Albany County, New York, United States
Subjects Used in Glens Falls, Warren County, New York, United States
Printed in Albany, Albany County, New York, United States
Used during Civil War
Numismatics & Philatelics. Currency
Dates Creation: 12/01/1862 - 1862
Date issued
Holding Type 3D Objects
ID Number 5066.1-2