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Dakota quiver
Description Beaded and fringed buckskin quiver. Two nearly identical beadwork panels (one at the bottom of the quiver, one near its opening) consist of interlocking red and white rectangles on a blue bead background bordered in red trade cloth. Each panel is heavily fringed at its bottom. The quiver's flap closure is also bordered in red trade cloth.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 31 inches length quiver
45 inches length overall, including fringe
6 inches width
Nomenclature Quiver
Creation Made by Dakota Indians
Subjects Made by Dakota Indians
Dakota Indians
Used in Fort Totten, Benson County, North Dakota, United States
Indian. Armaments. Accessories
Dates Creation: Not later than 1941

Holding Type 3D Objects
ID Number 8110.2