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Santee miniature souvenir snowshoes
Description Miniature souvenir snowshoes made by the Santee Dakota of Minnesota. Each snowshoe consists of a wooden frame and crossbars with an upward tilted tip and short tail. Red fabric is wrapped around each side of the body and leather thong lacing completes each snowshoe. Red yarn tufts project from many of the lace holes.
Quantity 1 pair items
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 16 inches length
5 1/4 inches width
1 1/2 inches depth
Nomenclature Snowshoe
Creation Made by Santee Dakota
Made in Minnesota, United States
Subjects Made by Santee Dakota
Made in Minnesota, United States
Santee Indians--Transportation--Models.
Snowshoes and snowshoeing--Models.
Indian. Transportation. Land
Dates Content: Exactly 1923
Donation date
Holding Type 3D Objects
ID Number 6333.32.A,B