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Description A stone-headed club found in Standing Rock, South Dakota by Bull Head, a Hunkpapa Lakota man, circa the 1860s. The club is in two pieces: handle (A) and head (B). The handle has a core of iron with a closed eye at its lower end and is completely wrapped with braided leather. Over this leather, at both ends, the handle has been further spiral-wrapped with strips of animal fur--possibly mink or muskrat. The fur has worn off in most places. The upper end of the head is also spiral-wrapped with and has a fringe of leather thongs. These thongs are themselves wrapped with quills that are white and strong reddish purple in color. The club's head is a small carved stone, probably pipestone (catlinite). The head is round with flat sides and is completely enclosed in a sewn leather cover. The entire head is detached from its handle.
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Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 15 3/4 inches length (1987.93.1.A, handle)
1 inch diameter (1987.93.1.A, handle)
13/4 inches diameter (1987.93.1.B, head)
1 1/2 inches depth (1987.93.1.B, head)
Nomenclature Club (weapon)
Subjects Found by: Bull Head
Found at Standing Rock, South Dakota, United States
Used by (possibly) Dakota Indians
Lakota Indians
Indian. Armaments. Tools & Equipment. Bludgeon
Dates Creation: Not earlier than 1860 - Not later than 1869

Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 1987.93.1.A,B

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