One-cent coin

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Description Flattened 1861 United States one-cent coin retrieved from the Civil War battlefield at Mill Spring, Kentucky by Dr. George L. Gates of the 2nd Minnesota Infantry Regiment, Company A. The engraved designs on its front have been worn away beyond recognition. On its back, the engraved words "One Cent" and "United States of America" are faintly visible.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 1 1/4 inches length
1 1/8 inches width
Nomenclature Coin
Creation Made in United States
Subjects Found by: Gates, Dr. George L.
United States, Army, Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 2nd (1861-1865), Company A
Found at Mill Springs, Wayne County, Kentucky, United States
Made in United States
Used during Civil War
Used in Minnesota, United States
Used in United States
Numismatics & Philatelics. Coins
Dates Discovery: 1862
Creation: 1861
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 6895.27

User Comments

  • Liam DuFond on February 29, 2016 09:23:00 PM

    This type of Large Cent was discontinued in 1857. In 1861 the US mint produced small size Indian Head Cents. You coin was probably minted in the 1840's. Get yourself a coin book to check it out.

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