Description A headdress, possibly Teton Lakota, consisting of approximately two dozen eagle feathers attached to a leather skull cap, circa 1890. The cap's brow band is decorated with a lazy-stitched beadwork panel. The panel's design uses white, green, red, yellow, blue and black glass seed beads, green and blue seed bead bottom edging, and a row of larger, round green glass beads along the top edge. A round leather patch has been sewn to the cap above each ear and is decorated with amber seed beads and red and/or yellow feathers. The eagle feather quills are wrapped in rawhide and red wool cloth. Smaller, red and yellow-dyed downy feathers have been glued to the tips of some of the eagle feathers, which are attached to leather loops and sewn to the cap with tan thread. Small brown and white feathers are sewn onto the cap's peak. To the cap's center is sewn one long quill decorated with fluffy green, orange and yellow feathers, both at its tip and in two additional central areas. Tan thread is used to make attachments throughout; sinew has been wrapped around the quills of some of the smaller feathers. A few of the eagle feathers are marked in red.
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 23 inches length
15 inches height
9 1/2 inches diameter (cap)
Nomenclature Headdress
Creation Made by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Subjects Made by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Used by (possibly) Lakota Indians
Used in United States
Indian. Clothing. Headwear
Dates Creation: Approximately 1890
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 1980.37.1

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