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Roller pillow with lace in progress and twenty bobbins
Description Bobbin lace-making oval shaped roller pillow (A) with lace in progress on the roller and twenty bobbins (B-U) supplying thread. Twenty threads attached to bobbins are crossed and twisted over each other according to the pattern laid out on the pillowed roller to make a continuous lace. Pins keep the thread in place on the roller while work is in progress.
Quantity 21 items
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 7 inches height
18 1/4 inches width
15 inches depth
Nomenclature Pillow lace
Bobbin lace
Lace (needlework)
Subjects Used by (possibly) Dakota Indians
Used by (possibly) Ojibwe Indians
Used in (possibly) Minnesota, United States
Household. Needlework. Lace, Tatting, & Lace Making. Equipment, Supplies, Instruction Books, & Patterns
Household. Needlework. Lace, Tatting, & Lace Making. Samples & Fragments
Dates Content: date acquired from D.A.R., Sibley House Association
Holding Type 3D Objects
ID Number x.1.1099.A-U