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Asians in Minnesota Oral History Project

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Description The project includes thirty-nine interviews with Minnesotans who speak about their Asian backgrounds. Some emigrated from Asian countries as children and spent much of the twentieth century in Minnesota; other narrators were born in the state and grew up as the children or grandchildren of immigrants; and others are newer Minnesotans, having arrived in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of the interviews were conducted by Sarah Mason in preparation for writing several chapters for a book, They Chose Minnesota (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1981), which examines the variety of ethnic backgrounds in Minnesota's history.
Quantity 1 project
70.5 hours sound cassette
2324 pages transcript
Format Content Category: sound recordings
Content Category: text
Creation Narrator: Ahn, Philip C.
Narrator: Andrada, Belen S.
Narrator: Andrada, Benigno
Narrator: Andrada, Cristeta
Narrator: Andrada, Marietta
Narrator: Andrada, Virgil
Narrator: Argueza, Constancio F.
Narrator: Argueza, Luz A.
Narrator: Arriola, Benjamin G.
Narrator: Arriola, Benjamin S.
Narrator: Arriola, Melissa S.
Narrator: Bilek, Mary Kim
Narrator: Borge, Paul C.
Narrator: Chaing, Huai-Chang
Narrator: Chee, Cheng-Khee
Narrator: Chinn, Mrs. Margaret Woo
Narrator: Chong, Mrs. Marvel Hum
Narrator: Chong, Stanley V.
Narrator: Cung, Josée
Narrator: De Los Reyes, Alfredo
Narrator: De Los Reyes, Carl
Narrator: De Los Reyes, Gene
Narrator: De los Reyes, John
Narrator: De los Reyes, Marie-Rose
Narrator: De los Reyes, Nelson
Narrator: Fan, Helen
Narrator: Fan, Sen
Narrator: Han, Hyun Sook
Narrator: Huie, Joe
Narrator: Huie, Wing Young
Narrator: Kee, Harold
Narrator: Ko, Shuk
Narrator: Ko, Yung Lyun
Narrator: Lee, Sang H.
Narrator: Lee, Young Kim
Interviewer: Mason, Sarah R.
Narrator: Ong, Sing-Bee
Narrator: Pham, Vy
Narrator: Runez, Rudolph F.
Narrator: Sam, Van Tong
Narrator: Son, Sung Won
Narrator: Sumangil, Augusto
Narrator: Sumangil, Rebecca
Narrator: Sung, Dr. Joo Ho
Narrator: Tsai, Francis J.
Narrator: Vu Khac, Khoan
Narrator: Wong, Isabel Suzanne Joe
Narrator: Wong, Michael Hong
Narrator: Woo, Howard F.
Narrator: Wu, Mrs. Betty
Subjects Asians
Dates Creation: 10/1978 - 06/1982

Holding Type Oral History - Project
ID Number OH 51
Accession Number AV1981.361
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