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Mexican-American Oral History Project

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Description In 1975 the Minnesota Historical Society began a two-year Mexican-American History Project under the direction of Ramedo J. Saucedo to collect the historical resources of this ethnic group: personal papers, records of organizations, photographs, articles, and other material, including 74 oral history interviews with people living throughout the state. A description of the full materials available at the Society is contained in "Mexican Americans in Minnesota: An Introduction to Historical Sources", compiled by Ramedo J. Saucedo and published by the Society in 1977. COMMENTS ON INTERVIEWS: Some of the interviews were conducted in Spanish; each Spanish-language interview is noted on its individual description sheet. Each transcript is in English, either as the language used in the interview or as a translation of an interview conducted in Spanish, except for the following interviews, which are transcribed in Spanish: Dagoberto Aguilar, Maria Antonia Alvarado, Concepcion Huerta, Angelita Martinez, Matilda Mejia, Maria Garcia de Palomo, and Federico Saucedo, Sr.
Quantity 1 project
101 hours sound cassette
1102 pages transcript
Format Content Category: sound recordings
Content Category: text
Creation Narrator: Aguilar, Reverend Dagoberto
Narrator: Alvarado, Miss Maria Antonia
Narrator: Alvo, Ms. Stella
Narrator: Arellano, Mrs. Carlotta Felix
Narrator: Bosquez, Mrs. Maria J.
Narrator: Campa, Mr. Luz
Narrator: Campa, Mrs. Virginia
Narrator: Casillas, Mr. Matthew
Narrator: Castillo, Leo
Narrator: Contreras, Mr. Manuel
Narrator: De Palomo, Mrs. Maria Garcia
Narrator: Delgado, Mr. Ralph
Narrator: Elizondo, Angelo
Narrator: Elizondo, Marcella
Narrator: Garcia, Mr. Angel
Narrator: Garcia, Mrs. Maria
Narrator: Guerrero, Mr. Manuel P.
Narrator: Guzman, Frank C.
Narrator: Hernandez, Mr. Sebastian J.
Narrator: Herrera, Ms. Felicitas
Narrator: Jara, Mr. Sebastian Ramon
Narrator: Jimenez, Mr. Romaldo
Narrator: Lopez, Mr. Leonard
Narrator: Martinez, Mr. Luis
Narrator: Martinez, Mr. Tony
Narrator: McClure, Ms. Marilyn
Narrator: Medina, Mr. Louis
Narrator: Mejia, Miss Matilda
Narrator: Mendez, Mr. Jesus A.
Narrator: Mendez, Mrs. Ramona
Narrator: Mies, Ms. Santa
Narrator: Moran, Mrs. Juanita Rangel
Narrator: Moran, Ms. Maria Rangel
Narrator: Moreno, Mr. Peter
Narrator: Munoz, Mrs. Teresa M.
Narrator: Rios, Juan L.
Narrator: Rodriguez, Mr. Juan
Narrator: Sanchez, Mr. Lalo
Narrator: Saucedo, Rudolph Jr.
Narrator: Urvina, Carlos
Narrator: Urvina, Mrs. Marcelina R.
Narrator: Zepeda, Mr. Antonio
Narrator: Zepeda, Mrs. Petra Trevino
Interviewer and narrator: Coates, Ms. Dionisa Cardenas
Interviewer and narrator: Saucedo, Mr. Ramedo J.
Interviewer: Barela, Mr. Victor
Interviewer: Juarez, Mr. Richard
Interviewer: Lopez, Ms. Rochelle R.
Interviewer: Moosbrugger, Grant
Interviewer: Sanchez, Mr. John A.
Subjects Mexican
Dates Creation: 1975 - 1977

Holding Type Oral History - Project
ID Number OH 49
Accession Number AV1996.92
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