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School of India for Languages and Culture (SILC) Oral History Project

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Description The School of India for Languages and Culture (SILC) is one of the oldest and largest such institutions in North America. It began operations in 1979 as the successor to the Bharat School. SILC is unique for its longevity, the variety of its educational programs, and for its secular setting. Each of these attributes contributes to the school’s success in attracting students whose families represent the great diversity of Indian language and cultural communities. The SILC Oral History Project celebrates more than twenty years of success, and chronicles the school’s growth, development, and adaptation to the needs of the Indian community in Minnesota. The interviews provide personal perspectives on the School’s history, and thus supplement the two written histories noted below. Both books are part of the Minnesota Historical Society collections, as are the School’s newsletters and records. "SILC: School of India for Languages and Culture, 1979-1989. 10th Anniversary" "SILC: School of India for Languages and Culture, 1979-1999. 20 Year Celebration"
Quantity 1 project
24 hours sound cassette
588 pages transcript
Format Content Category: sound recordings
Content Category: text
Creation Interviewer: Sonifer, Polly
Narrator: Gada, Mr. Ketan
Narrator: Gada, Mrs. Neena
Narrator: Mathur, Mr. Anoop
Narrator: Mathur, Mrs. Preeti
Narrator: Mathur, Ms. Shruti
Narrator: Menon, Mr. Rajan
Narrator: Mustaphi, Mrs. Rita
Narrator: Nambudiripad, Mr. Godan
Narrator: Padamnashan, Mrs. Rama
Narrator: Patel, Mr. Punjabhai
Narrator: Shah, Ms. Shanti
Narrator: Subrahmanian, Ms. Chitra
Subjects Asian Indian
Dates Creation: 03/02/2000 - 12/28/2001

Holding Type Oral History - Project
ID Number OH 88
Accession Number AV1995.103
More Info MHS Library Catalog
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