1st Minnesota regimental battle flag

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Titles 1st Minnesota regimental battle flag
Description A regimental battle flag of the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment consists of one layer of blue silk with a gold fringe border and the Minnesota State Seal painted in the center with the Minnesota State Motto over it in gold pigment. Beneath the seal is a painted red ribbon reading "FIRST MINNESOTA VOLUNT'RS." Two gold shields list the battles fought by the 1st Minnesota prior to April of 1863 when the flag was presented to the regiment by Governor Alexander Ramsey during his visit to the field. Se flag staff 2007.84.4.B and cord and tassel 2007.84.4.C
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 76 inches height (leading edge)
77 inches width (fly)
Nomenclature flag
Materials silk (textile)
cotton (textile)
Creation Made in: Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States
Subjects Used by: United States, Army, Minnesota Infantry Regiment, 1st (1861-1864)
Given by: Ramsey, Alexander
Used during: Civil War, 1861-1865
Used during: Gettysburg, Battle of
Used in: Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania, United States
Flags & Banners. War Related. Civil War Era
Military. 1861-1865 (Civil & Indian Wars). Equipment & Supplies
Dates Use: Not earlier than 1863 - Not later than 1865 (Presented to the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regminet by Governor Alexander Ramsey 04//1863.)
Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 2007.84.4.A (Accession Number)

User Comments

  • Mike Leverson on March 6, 2013 10:58:21 AM
    I was looking to find a picture, front and back, of the 1st Minnesota Regimental Battle flag before it was damaged in battle. I know it listed all of the campaigns/battles on one side. Could you include a full description of the flag with pictures. The only pics I can find are of the flag after it had been in battle. I am doing research for school on the regiment and am simply very interested in learning more about the regiment, especially at Gettysburgh. Thank you, Mike Leverson 507-327-0309 michael.leverson@smail.rasmussen.edu
  • Lizzie Ehrenhalt on March 6, 2013 11:41:51 AM
    Hi Mike, Thanks for your comment. The list of battles you mention is present on the flag in its current, damaged form, and is visible in the pictures included in our catalog record. It appears inside the two gold shields at the flag's top and bottom left corners. The text inside the top shield reads, "BULL RUN,/July 21st, 1861/BALLS BLUFF,/Oct'r 21st 1861/SIEGE OF YORKTOWN,/April, 1862/FAIR OAKS,/May 31st 1862/ALLENS FARMS,/June 29th 1862." The text inside the bottom shield reads, ""SAVAGE STATION,/ June 29th 1862/WHITE OAK BRIDGE,/June 30th 1862/GLENDALE,/June 30th 1862/MALVERN HILL,/July 1st 1862/ANTIETAM,/Sept 17th, 1862." Good luck with your research, Lizzie Ehrenhalt Collections Assistant Minnesota Historical Society
  • Mike Leverson on March 11, 2013 09:31:25 PM
    Lizzie, Have you had any luck with finding ,'undamaged pictures of the battle flag the 1st Minnesota Regiment carried into battle at Gettysburgh? You were kind enough to respond on 3-6-13 but I didn't see where ou had indicated where there would be and pictures of the flag in its 'undamaged form' before it was battle damaged. Please review the comments and let me know what I am missing. Thank you, Mike
  • Mike Leverson on March 14, 2013 12:36:21 PM
    Lizzie I wonder if you could let me know where the link is again for the flag. I misplaced the message you sent about where the conjectured pics are of the flag. Mike
  • Lizzie Ehrenhalt on March 14, 2013 01:22:27 PM
    Sure: http://collections.mnhs.org/cms/display.php?irn=10574332 Lizzie
  • Del Thomasson on May 31, 2018 06:26:10 PM
    Are there any photographs of any flag staff finials that went with the flags such as spear points, spades, eagles, etc? If so, where might I find the photographs? if there are finials, are they original to the flags? thank you.

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