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Jews in Minnesota Oral History Project

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Description In 1972 the Minneapolis Federation of Jewish Service gave the Minnesota Historical Society four oral history interviews that were conducted as a part of a project to document the history of the Jewish community in Minneapolis. In 1979 Rhoda Lewin donated seventeen interviews she conducted in researching her doctoral dissertation. Lewin later conducted and donated four other interviews. Many of the people interviewed belong to the second wave of Jewish immigrants who arrived after 1880 from Eastern Europe and settled on the North Side of Minneapolis, creating a distinctive Jewish community of eight thousand people by 1900. Others are first-generation Americans who vividly contrast their parents' lives with their own. This collection of memories reveals the growth, change and diversity of the community.
Quantity 1 project
48.5 hours sound cassette
544 pages transcript
Format Content Category: sound recordings
Content Category: text
Creation Interviewer: Lewin, Rhoda Greene
Narrator: Aronson, Rabbi David
Narrator: Barron, Moses
Narrator: Brochin, Ben
Narrator: Cohn, Angelo
Narrator: Cohn, Lillian Bessler
Narrator: Deinard, Amos
Narrator: Field, Gladys Jacobs
Narrator: Fliegel, Ernie
Narrator: Goldberg, Blanche Halpern
Narrator: Goldberg, Isadore
Narrator: Goldfus, Charles
Narrator: Greene, Florence Glick
Narrator: Hymes, Viola Hoffman
Narrator: Kissen-Marver, Slovie
Narrator: Lyons, Vera Nissenson
Narrator: Mayberg, William
Narrator: Minda, Albert Greenberg
Narrator: Roberts, Shepsel R.
Narrator: Rosenbloom, Esther Schanfield
Narrator: Sanders, Ida Levitan
Narrator: Schanfield, Maurice
Narrator: Schoff, Florence Karp Kunian
Narrator: Schwartz, Edward P.
Narrator: Shapiro, Nathan M.
Narrator: Wolff, Maurice
Narrator: Wolff, Anna Lee
Interviewer: Gordon, Guida
Interviewer: Gould, Mrs. V. R.
Interviewer: Sharp, Joan
Interviewer: Stern, June
Subjects Jews
Dates Creation: 1967 - 1986

Holding Type Oral History - Project
ID Number OH 131
Accession Number AV1979.142
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