Sylvanus B. Lowry. Fur trader from Watab who was a member of the Territorial Council from 1852-1853 and a state legislator in 1862.
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Format Content Category: photographs
Format: photoprint
Colorization: black and white
Physical Support: paper
Measurements 6.5 x 8.5 inches
Subjects Subject: Lowry, Sylvanus B.
Fur traders.
Dates Content: Approximately 1860
Holding Type Photographs
Identifiers por 28484 p1
Negative Number 100535

User Comments

  • Linda Bryan on March 19, 2013 09:44:45 PM

    Sylvanus Lowry was a great deal more than you indicate here. His father was Rev. David Lowry, who had been the Winnebago Indian Agent before the Indians were removed from Iowa to Long Prairie, Minn. Territory and subsequently in Minn. Rev. Lowry was the headmaster of the Winnebago school at Long Prairie. Additionally, his family members were, with him, part of the Winnebago mission by the Cumberland Presbyterians during the 1840s, which meant that Sylvanus had grown up speaking Winnebago and could act as an interpreter. In the early Minn. Territorial period, Sylvanus was a business partner of former AFCo traders Henry Sibley, Dr. Borup, and Henry Rice. He became an active member of the Democratic party on the Upper Mississippi, especially in the Rice faction, which won him a political enemy in fellow Democrat Gov. Gorman. Lowry was part of the group that harassed Jane Swisshelm and destroyed her press. Sylvanus Lowry was one of the developers of St. Cloud--the Upper Landing. He

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