Walter Mondale press conference the morning following the 1976 presidental election
Mondale 1976


Description Walter Mondale reads telegrams he sent to Gerald Ford and Bob Dole and discusses his view of the role of the Vice President during a press conference the morning following the 1976 U.S. presidental election.
Catalog: 27.38 – 31.46 of 85460 video.
Quantity 1 film segment
Format Film reel
Standard sound aperture, reduced frame
Sound on medium
Magnetic sound track on film
Magnetic stripe sound
Original reversal film
Content Category: moving images
Format: film
Measurements 03:13 minutes running time
16 millimeters width
Creation Made by: KSTP-TV (Television station : Saint Paul, Minn.)
Subjects Subject: Mondale, Walter F.
Dates Creation: 11/03/1976
Credit Line KSTP-TV Archive, Minnesota Historical Society
Holding Type Moving Images
Identifiers 85460.3

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