Wayzata Elementary String Program Oral History Project: Interview with Lucas Gaudette and Nicholas Gaudette
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Description BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: Lucas Gaudette is the second oldest of four children in his family, and like his siblings participated in the Wayzata string program - the elementary lessons, Touring Strings and the secondary school orchestras - throughout his public school study. In addition he has participated in The Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies, String Conferences sponsored by ASTA at Minnesota State University, Mankato, All-State Orchestra, National Honors Orchestra, has maintained a cello studio and has been a member of the family string quartet. At the time of this writing (January, 2004) he had completed a Bachelor of Music degree in cello at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and is working to complete a second Bachelor's degree in Geography at UWM. Nicholas Gaudette started his string study in the Wayzata program as a kindergartener. Because of his determination to study bass Barbara Lamb and Helen Loing devised a modification of a cello to provide him with an instrument. Their ingenuity paid off - Nick participated in the program from kindergarten through twelfth grade and in addition participated in GTCYS, the ASTA String Conference in Mankato, Minnesota, All-State Orchestra and a post-secondary options program which allowed Nick to play in an orchestra at the University of Minnesota. At the time of this writing Nick was completing his Bachelor's degree in bass at The Cleveland Institute, where he planned to stay and complete the Master's degree. His aspirations included becoming a member of a professional symphony or a successful rock band. In addition to his considerable performance experience, Nick is also a well seasoned bass teacher and coach. He is a member of the family quartet. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Luke and Nick describe their own backgrounds in the Wayzata string program, their fondest memories (the many trips come up several times), describe other music activities, their current college studies and career plans. Nick describes the circumstances leading to his first string bass (a modified cello) quite specifically, a colorful story which is also told in the interviews with Helen Loing, Sandra Haines and Jeanie Gaudette. Luke and Nick discuss the importance of early string education in their lives and the positive impact their opportunities in music have had upon them. The final moments of the interview are dedicated to Baxter and other family dogs, who have always responded positively to and supported the family music-making. COMMENTS ON INTERVIEW: Jeanie Gaudette, mother of Luke and Nick, is in the room and occasionally can be heard supplying information.
Quantity 1.5 hours sound cassette
18 pages transcript
Format Content Category: sound recordings
Content Category: text
Measurements 00:59:36 running time
Creation Interviewer: Weber, Lynne
Interviewee: Gaudette, Lucas
Interviewee: Gaudette, Nicholas
Made in Plymouth, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States
Subjects Made in Plymouth, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States
Dates Creation: 01/09/2001
Holding Type Oral History - Interview
Identifiers OH 109
Accession Number AV2007.12.10
More Info MHS Library Catalog
Related Collections Oral History - Project, MHS Collection, project: 'Wayzata Elementary String Program Oral History Project'

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