Minnesota Psychiatry in the Mid-to-Late Twentieth Century Oral History Project: Interview with Lee Beecher, M.D.
Description Dr. Beecher had long been one of the most visible psychiatrists in the Minnesota "House of Medicine". He was Minnesota bred and trained until he went to the University of Chicago for his psychiatric residency. He describes a number of fascinating experiences in that setting. Following military service in Hawaii, Dr. Beecher returned to Minnesota, and had been in private practice in Minneapolis since 1972. He notes many of the changes in psychiatric practice as others have, but his reaction has been somewhat different. As an outgrowth of the Minnesota Patient-Physician Alliance, a group that he founded in the late '90s, he no longer accepted insurance as payment for his services - he helped patients file their insurance, but they had to pay him directly. (He describes how this evolved.) Dr. Beecher was very active in organized psychiatry on the state and national levels, and had served in a number of leadership positions in the Minnesota Medical Association.
Quantity 12 pages transcript
Format Content Category: text
Creation Interviewer: Cline, Dr. David
Interviewee: Beecher, Dr. Lee
Dates Creation: 12/29/2010
Holding Type Oral History - Interview
Identifiers OH 124
Accession Number AV2011.14.1
Related Collections Oral History - Project, MHS Collection, project: 'Minnesota Psychiatry in the Mid-to-Late Twentieth Century Oral History Project'

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