Minnesota Psychiatry in the Mid-to-Late Twentieth Century Oral History Project: Interview with David Cline, M.D.
Description Dr. Cline practiced in Minnesota for many years, and had some unique aspects to his practice. A farm boy, he trained at the University of Wisconsin. His background is a bit unusual in that he learned music, dance, and theater appreciation from an early age. After residency training, he planned an academic career, and fortuitously found a position at the University of Minnesota in 1968. He became disenchanted in time, however, and after seven years, moved to the Minneapolis VA hospital, where he was in charge of continuing education programs for all specialties. This experience of "arranging things" became valuable for him in later years. Dr. Cline began private practice in 1983. He describes the evolution of his career in detail, along with his substantial contributions to organizational psychiatry.
Quantity 19 pages transcript
Format Content Category: text
Creation Interviewer: Manolis, Dr. Deane - Minnesota Psychiatric Society
Interviewee: Cline, Dr. David
Dates Creation: 12/23/2010
Holding Type Oral History - Interview
Identifiers OH 124
Accession Number AV2011.14.5
Related Collections Oral History - Project, MHS Collection, project: 'Minnesota Psychiatry in the Mid-to-Late Twentieth Century Oral History Project'

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