Confederate Army cartridge box and contents

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Titles Confederate Army cartridge box and contents
Description Confederate Army oilcloth cartridge box with a shoulder strap contains two tinned iron inserts, a package of rifle cartridges, loose paper fragments, and two bullets. The box is made of black leather and patterned after the United States Model 1855 cartridge box but omits the implement pouch under the outer flap. The cartridge package is labeled "10 CARTRIDGES. / MISSISSIPPI OR AUSTRIAN RIFLE. / Calibre, .54. / CONICAL BALL. / MACON ARSENAL / ...APR. 1864".
Quantity 1 item
Format Content Category: artifacts
Measurements 7 inches height (3335.H476.A, box)
8 1/4 inches width (3335.H476.A, box)
2 inches depth (3335.H476.A, box)
43 1/2 inches length (3335.H476.A, strap)
2 inches width (3335.H476.A, strap)
2 3/4 inches length (3335.H476.D, cartridge package)
3 inches width (3335.H476.D, cartridge package)
1 3/4 inches depth (3335.H476.D, cartridge package)
2 5/8 inches length (3335.H476.E-N, each cartridge)
5/8 inches diameter (3335.H476.E-N, each cartridge)
Nomenclature box (container)
Materials oilcloth
lead (metal)
Creation Issued by: Confederate States of America, Army
Subjects Used during: Civil War, 1861-1865
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Equipment and supplies.
Used in: United States
Armament. Accessories
Armament. Tools & Equipment. Bludgeons
Military. 1861-1865 (Civil & Indian Wars). Equipment & Supplies
Dates Use: Not earlier than 1861 - Not later than 1865 (Civil War)
Notes This is an example of a military accoutrement used during the U.S. Civil War.

Holding Type 3D Objects
Identifiers 3335.H476.A-V (Accession Number)

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