Air Museum of Minnesota Oral History Project: Interview with Earl D. Olson


Titles Air Museum of Minnesota Oral History Project: Interview with Earl D. Olson
Description BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: In 1939, Earl D. "Ole" Olson became the first manager of the Duluth Airport, and served for twenty-five years. SUBJECTS DISCUSSED: Personal background; when interest in flying began; barnstorming experiences and kinds of aircraft he flew; "Dusty" Rhodes anecdote; memories of 1912 and flying. History of Duluth airport - site selection, land purchase, dedication; development; experiences as maintenance man; air service begins 1930; unsuccessful airlines; Lake Superior "lake head"; memories about people airfield named for, Johnson and Williamson; bootlegging - smuggling liquor from Canada during Prohibition; experiences as airport manager - typical year, "one-man operation", customer service, runway construction and maintenance; Reliability Tour, Cross-Country Tours for Snowbirds - solved problems of winter flying; engine starts on cold mornings; use of shock clips; early days business aircraft; World War II era programs - Civilian Pilot Training and War Training Service; forecasted growth versus real growth after war; Air Force Base at Duluth; military aircraft that landed in Duluth; current planes - 106 for Air Force and 102 for Air National Guard; funny anecdotes.
Quantity 2 hours sound cassette
Format Content Category: sound recordings
Measurements 75 minutes length
Creation Interviewee: Olson, Earl D.
Interviewer: Holey, George
Interviewer: Holey, Anne M.
Made in: Duluth, Saint Louis County, Minnesota, United States
Dates Creation: 03/30/1968
Holding Type Oral History - Interview
Identifiers OH 101 (Library Call Number)
AV1992.88.25 (Accession Number)
More Info MNHS Library Catalog
Related Collections Oral History - Project, MHS Collection, project: 'Air Museum of Minnesota Oral History Project'

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