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MHS Collections Online : Order Help

  • Use the Collections Online search page to look for images of interest to you. Each image or image that can be purchased will have a "buy" button .
  • For more information about how to search see the Search Help page.
  • For some items such as the government records packets containing copies of documents from the World War I bonus records, there are no additional choices or options. For images from the photograph, art, poster, and artifacts collections, there are a number of options. The following information will focus on such products.
  • In the store you will be shown a list of the different ways the image can be produced. For digital photographic prints you will select paper size, color option (grayscale or RGB for color), delivery method, and regular or rush schedule. For digital scans, your selections will include file size, color option, file type (JPEG or TIFF), delivery method, and regular or rush schedule. Select the options and quantity for the image and click the buy button. A listing for the images selected will be placed in your shopping cart.
  • For more help on the store please refer to the shopping help
  • You will be prompted to complete a Use Agreement Form during the checkout process in the online store site. If you wish to apply a single use fee type to all images in your shopping cart, add all of your images to your cart, then click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the shopping cart screen. Each image included in the order will then be charged the appropriate use fee(s) based on the completion of the Use Fee Agreement Form. If you wish to apply different use fees to various images, you must you must complete a separate order for each type of use.
  • Types of Use: The first screen asks for the general type of use, personal, commercial, non-profit/educational (either Minnesota or non-Minnesota), along with the name and phone number of the person requesting the use. For commercial and non-Minnesota non-profit/educational use you will need to indicate the media type. This information is only used if there are questions about your order. Read the Conditions of Use then click the "Continue Agreement" button.
  • If you have selected commercial, Minnesota media or non-profit/educational use the second section of the Use Agreement Form will request details about the use (title, creator, and dates). Any fees associated with a usage will be added to your shopping cart. A Use Agreement will be sent with the requested images. After you have read the Conditions of Use statement, click the "Continue" button.
  • After reviewing your order to be sure that it is correct, click on the Checkout button to select your payment method, provide payment and shipping information, and finish the ordering process.
  • Why do some images have a buy button while others do not? Images with no buy button are not for sale by the Minnesota Historical Society. In some cases these images may be available for purchase from another source such as the artist or photographer who created it. If this information is known it will be found on the image's catalog record page.
  • Can I order images from a manuscript or other collection on-line? Yes, if the images are part of the Collections Online database with a buy button. For images not in Collections Online, you can order using the Image Order Form. Only images not in the Collections Online database should be ordered with this form.
  • Is there a way to order images without providing my credit card information online? Yes. However, in order to properly track your order, we ask that you place it using our online system. You do not need to pay with a credit card online. Instead, during the "checkout" process you can request an "Offline Payment" and then send your payment in the mail. When we receive your payment, we'll process your order.
  • What is a Use Agreement and why do I need one? You need a Use Agreement to verify that you have requested and received permission from the Minnesota Historical Society to use an image in a commercial or public manner. The Use Agreement entitles you to use the image in the way you indicated and within the terms specified in the Conditions of Use.
  • What is personal use versus commercial versus non-profit use? Please refer to the use fee definitions in the Use Fee Price List.
  • I already have the image but not a Use Agreement. How do I get a Use Agreement without purchasing the image again?
    • Connect to the Collections Online
    • Locate the image. The easiest way is to use the ID number (location and/or negative number).
    • Click the Buy button and complete the Use Form. Once the Use Form has been completed you will be taken to the shop.
    • In the shop scroll to the bottom of the list of products list and select Use Only - No Image.
    • If you have the order number of the original image order enter it into the Additional comments box found on the Billing Information page of the online store.