Saunders Lindeke Family

E. N. Saunders home, 323 Summit Avenue, St. Paul.

Mary Proal (Mrs. Edward N.) Saunders, was born in 1852 in Louisville, Kentucky. She settled in St. Paul in 1870 with her husband, who was an associate of James J. Hill in forming the Northwestern Fuel Company to ship coal via the Great Lakes. 

Her daughter, Caroline Saunders (Mrs. Albert W.) Lindeke of St. Paul, was a 1901 graduate of Smith College.  She described  her mother as an "intelligent gentlewoman" active in St. Paul community affairs. Caroline's husband became president of his father's St. Paul dry goods business - Lindeke, Warner and Schurmeier.

Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. Lindeke's extensive wardrobes are well represented in this collection. Stunning gowns from at least six different prominent Twin Cities' dressmakers date from the 1870s to early 1900s.

Caroline Saunders Lindeke and her sister Mary Saunders in horse drawn carriage, Summit Avenue, St. Paul.

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Louise Lindeke Weyerhaeuser diaries record her shopping activities including visits to local dressmakers, see Weyerhaeuser family papers at the Minnesota Historical Society.

See also the Proal and Saunders families papers.

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Boyd 1886-1917
Caroline 1907-1915
Mrs. George F. Hall 1892-1906
Molloy 1879 -1913
Kiernan 1896-1916
Mrs. Worley 1866-1894

Cape. See ... [more]

Two-piece pink and grey taffeta dress

Two-piece pink and grey taffeta dress. See ... [more]

Black lace and velvet evening gown

Black lace and velvet evening gown. See ... [more]


Cape. See ... [more]