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Fort Snelling Classroom Project: Interview with Alden and Karina Allen, Clip 3

Narrator: Did your mom keep a garden? Karina Allen: Oh yes, a big garden, lots of vegetables, lots of cabbage too. And my mother was very active with the old peoples home at over at Lyngblomsten's [ in St. Paul] too. And they had a big garden over there. And so in the Fall, oh gosh, when you know like with the string beans you had to bake it in the oven 'cause if they had them in the fruit jars, you know, let you bake them because of the botulism. And they had down in their kitchen, they had four separate stoves and all four stoves go, the top burners were going and the oven was going. And I'll tell you that place, I don't think Hell can get any hotter than that, believe me.

ID Number: PUM-10869010

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