Taoyateduta (Little Crow)

Taoyateduta, or His Scarlett Nation (Little Crow), is well-known as the primary military leader of the Dakota soldiers during the 1862 war. Taoyateduta had been a leader of a Mdewakanton community and was involved in treaty negotiations. By the early 1860s he had moved to the Lower Sioux Reservation, and after the Acton killings was approached by members of the Soldiers Lodge with a request to lead a military effort against the U.S. After the Battle of Wood Lake he left Minnesota and attempted to gather support for a continued war in the west and Canada. He was killed on July 3, 1863 after returning to Minnesota. For many years some of his remains were put on display by the Minnesota Historical Society before being returned to his descendants for burial.

On this page are excerpts from a speech made by Taoyateduta as remembered by his son, Wowinape, as well as correspondence between him and Col. Henry Sibley during the war. Think about what these documents say about Taoyateduta's motives for going to war in 1862.


Little Crow (Taoyate Duta) at the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux


Wo-wi-na-pe, Little Crow's son.

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